Book and eBook Photography and Design

Book cover design is one of the most crucial elements of the book, because it needs to STAND OUT from the competition on the shelf.  With eBooks, the cover design is even more important because the book appears very small on internet book stores.eBook Artist can create the perfect cover for your e-book which will look stunning both small and large.  STAND OUT from the competition and increase your sales!  Our services include graphic design and photography, including stock photography available for licensing.  We can also design book covers using your own images and ideas.  Our goal is to make you happy by designing a fabulous cover which will help sky rocket you to the top of the bestseller’s lists.

We Are Rich by Dori Carter
ebook artist book design
ebook artist

The book cover design for Dori Carter’s, “We Are Rich” required two separate photo shoots to create a composite.  The author requested this particular estate in Montecito, California be used for the background, she also wanted a horse with rider in the foreground.  Logistics wouldn’t allow it to happen as it appears on the cover, so we photographed the estate one day and the horse on another day at a different location.  We then created a montage using Photoshop to create this beautiful cover.